The Field Guide
One-of-a-Kind Reference Guide Illustrates How to Lay Out Regulation Sports Fields According to Their Rules, Associated Levels, and Age Groups
Michael J. Walker

Guide fills niche market and is appropriate for sports
enthusiasts, professionals, and coaches
From baseball, football, soccer, and croquet to lesser-known sports
such as boomerang, hurling, shinty, and cricket, The Field Guide:
The Layout and Dimensions of Sports Fields illustrates how to lay
out a regulation sports field according to its rules, associated levels,
and age groups.
Useful for sports enthusiasts, athletic directors, and coaches, as well
as professionals or students in the architectural or engineering
industries, this guide presents comprehensive diagrams that display
the fields’ layouts and dimensions along with a brief introduction to
the history of each sport.
For those seeking expanded information on rules and regulations,
the manual also clarifies points such as the width of lines, placement
of bases, and contact information on the sports’ governing bodies.
How did author Michael J. Walker come to write this book? As a
landscape architect specializing in the master planning of athletic
and park facilities, including the Colorado Rockies Field of Dream
Fields and the Todd Helton Field in Parker, Colorado, he required a
book that could easily reference basic sports field layouts.
This book needed to be filled with diagrams, dimensions, and
layouts of almost every sports field imaginable, including the fields
required by different age groups and levels. In short, the book
needed drawings, and lots of them. When Walker couldn’t find a
book containing the information he needed, he decided to write it.
The result is a one-of-a-kind guide that fills a true niche in the
market. As Walker says, pick up The Field Guide: The Layout and
Dimensions of Sports Fields and “Never again search or wonder
what the dimension is for a standard field or how much space is
required for a specific field sport.”
Says Erica McDonald of the Recreation and Culture Services in the
City of Oshawa, Canada, “It’s great to have a single source to go to
when you need to find field dimensions quick. The Guide is concise
and informative – a great tool!”