Copper Plated Zinc Tokens are Cheaper Than Brass

Jim Wahl

Cincinnati, OH – Amusement operators and Family Entertainment Centers seeking to control costs in a tough economy, are achieving success by replacing standard brass tokens with copper plated zinc ones. Plated zinc tokens are approximately 5% cheaper than brass tokens, yet can be made from existing dies. The copper plating does not flake off, and the finished tokens “look just a US penny.” Available in the popular 0.900” and 0.984” sizes, plated zinc tokens provide durability to rival brass, with similar lead times. Copper plated zinc tokens are ideal for FECs, amusements, arcades, and other self-serve entertainment venues.

Plated zinc tokens work in most mechanical and electronic mechanisms, but to prevent surprises, operators should test a few samples in every game before ordering tokens. If there’s a compatibility issue, coin mechanisms are fairly inexpensive and easy to replace, so changing a few problem mechs is a simple, economical solution. Because plated tokens are lighter than brass, special care must be taken by establishments which weigh count their tokens.

“With more than ˝ million copper plated zinc tokens already shipped, and an extensive inventory of blanks on hand, we’re poised to support the industry as it moves to plated tokens” says TokensDirect Marketing Manager David Blumenfeld.

TokensDirect offers hundreds of standard designs which can be easily customized for particular locations. Every token is minted with crisply detailed impressions and accurate dimensions, which exhibit electrical and weight consistency throughout every batch – thereby minimizing jams and rejections. Coin acceptors can be programmed with very tight settings, significantly reducing cross-acceptance of unwanted tokens. Large or small orders ship from a conveniently located Cincinnati mint, minimizing transit time and cost. Many metals choices are available, including Brass, Red Brass, Nickel Silver, and aluminum.

TokensDirect, a division of Osborne Coinage Co, offers a full line of tokens through their online store with factory direct pricing, low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround time on all orders. Hundreds of designs and sizes of stock tokens are available for immediate shipment. Custom tokens minted with company name, logo and marketing message can be shipped within 10 business days.

TokensDirect is a division of Osborne Coinage Co., America’s oldest private mint. For more information visit To speak with a Sales specialist, contact TokensDirect at (866) 274-0868, or via mail to TokensDirect, 2851 Massachusetts Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225, or via e-mail at